Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lucky Penny Day, May 23rd

It's Lucky Penny Day! Lucky is the person who watches their pennies well. Some people believe that there is only a specific amount of luck in the universe. This luck is transferred from people who are careless to people who are careful. Those who drop their pennies, are of the careless sort, therefore with their dropped pennies, they loose their luck. The person who picks up the pennies, finds the luck.

Of course, this theory could just be a keen observation of how different personalities react to the world around them. Someone, who is not careful with their pennies might also be a bit careless in other aspects of their life, and it might seem that they always have a bit of bad luck hanging about them. Someone who is careful with things, even as small as pennies, pays attention to many details, and can juggle the complicated things that life throws at them, and it may seem that they are more "lucky."

Check out this site to learn about pennies that you can trade in for thousands of dollars. It will have you looking through your change bowl. Then check out this article to see the three rare pennies that are in circulation since April this year.

If you want to have some easy chemistry class type fun with your pennies check out this site. It will teach you how to shine them up, or verdigris them, or copper plate your nails. Not your fingernails, by the way.

So, as you go out to look for your lucky penny today, remember, "found pennies come from heaven".

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