Wednesday, May 3, 2006

A Plethora of Days, May 3rd

Wordsmith Day

On Wordsmith Day your can check out, or, or (but this one is shut down), or, or, or The Archaeology Wordsmith. There is a plethora possibilities for linguaphiles.

Lumpy Rug Day

Now, I really just don't understand why we have a Lumpy Rug Day. I mean, did someone just look over at the rug that kept on bunching up under their front door and say, "We don't celebrate rugs enough." Or did someone love their Indian Rug sooooo much, they just had to create a celebration? They even have ecards for Lumpy Rug Day.

And there are some people who think that it is Lumpy Egg Day instead of Lumpy Rug Day. I guess that we can individually decide which day touches our souls more, and personally celebrate that day with either a new rug, or scrambled eggs.

National Anxiety Disorders Screening Day

Check here for information about anxiety disorders.

National Meeting Planners Appreciation Day

So, what if you are a Secretary and a Meeting Planner? Do we get to celebrate me again this week?

Paranormal Day

Check out Paranormal News to find out what is going on in the paranormal world on Paranormal Day. Or, just check it out to see how much UFO folklore you have missed out on since X-Files has gone off the air. Oh, how I miss X-Files. Mulder and Scully, they used to light up my Sunday nights with their super-high-beam-always-shining-in-deep-fog-flashlights.

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum . There is a lot of good information there, and actually, Holocaust Remembrance Day was last week this year, and I missed it, but we can still remember today.

International Tuba Day

Listen to Tuba music here to celebrate International Tuba Day. If you want more than one option for your Tuba fix, click here. If you want more that two... there is this really cool search engine called Google.

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