Saturday, May 6, 2006

Pilates Day, No Diet Day, National Tourist Appreciation Day, May 6th

Pilates Day

Since it is the Month of Edgy, he will be happy that today is Pilates Day, because it is further evidence that the world is celebrating him. So go out there and get a balanced body right now everyone!

No Diet Day

And to celebrate bodies even more, it's No Diet Day.

National Tourist Appreciation Day

If you live in Utah, and you aren't taking advantage of this, it's not my fault.


Master Fob said...

Does it count that I moved a couple thousand books today and helped move shelves carrying several thousand more?

edgy killer bunny said...

That depends, Fobby. Were you engaging your core muscles as you moved books?

Master Fob said...

Yes, I was.

Absent, you forgot to announce that today is Free Comic Book Day. Hurry! Get to a comic book store now and pick up your free comic book!

Absent-minded Secretary said...

I did not know about Free Comic Book Day. I think that I missed it. I am seriously going to have to reconsider my primary sources. I have missed National Day of Silence, and Comic Book Day.