Sunday, March 12, 2006

Alfred Hitchcock Day, Plant a Flower Day March 12th

Alfred Hitchcock Day

There seems to be some disagreement on the internet about which day actually is Alfred Hitchcock Day: March 8th or March 12th. I'm going for the 12th, otherwise, we have missed it. (Sorry!)

Appropriate food for today... "The" Cornish Game "Birds", Twice Baked Potato "Lifeboats," "I Confess" I Like Spinach Salad,"Dial 'D' for Death" by Chocolate Cake, and "Champagne" Tee hee!

If you just want to celebrate by learning more about Hitchcock, his movies, his wit and wisdom, his cameos, and all sorts of other stuff, I would check out this site. I was quite happy with it.

Plant a Flower Day

In Utah, they say it's not safe to plant flowers outside until after Mother's Day. And even with the promise of green (can we say COLD!) it is currently snowing. Perhaps we should postpone Plant a Flower Day, unless you happen to live in a more moderate climate.

There be snow here!


Dogers said...

I LOVE Hitchcock movies!!!

My favorite Hitchcock movie:


Runner Up:


Third Place (tie):


My least favorite:


Second Least Favorite:


Seriously, guys... THE BIRDS is a real crap-fest!!! I mean Crap-O-Rama!!!!!!! Crap-tacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crap City, USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But that's OK. Everyone makes mistakes, I guess. I mean even LL makes mistakes... look at who she married!

FoxyJ said...

I still think that my favorite Hitchcock movies are Shadow of a Doubt and Rear Window. Vertigo is pretty awesome too.

LL said...

I think "Dial M for Murder" may be my favorite. "The Birds" is probably my least favorite, but that's because I was exposed at too young an age, making even Snoopy's buddy, Woodstock, look menacing.
And for the record, I did not make a mistake in marrying Dodgers. I made a mistake in revealing to him my stash of Cadbury Mini Eggs.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Dogers: The Birds is that bad? I get a craving for it every few years or so. Not the whole thing... just until they board the house up.

Foxyj: I really like Shadow of a Doubt and Rear Window too, I also really like A Lady Vanishes, although I have only read the screenplay for a class, and haven't seen the movie... but I still think that it is one of my favorite Hitchcock. And North by Northwest, and Suspicion, and Rebecca.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Mmmm Cadbury Mini Eggs. The one version of solid chocolate I like.

Yes, you and Dodgers were MFEO.

Th. said...


1. Why isn't it Aug 13? A, it's his brithday; B, it's lucky number 13; C, it's the same month as mine and it is a well established fact that we are pals.

2. Vertigo is the best, but for sheer rewatchability, you can't beat The Trouble With Harry.

3. Family Plot is the most disappointing, followed by Frenzy. Although there is the Missing Film that he thought was his worst. But since it's missing, we'll never get to make up our own minds about it.

4. Anyone who wants to buy me the two terrific box set out now is certainly welcome.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Wouldn't that ruin your month of abject poverty?

Dodgers said...

Yes, BIRDS is that bad.

Th. said...


Not if somebody else buys them for me.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Dodgers; But Tippy's character is so facinating to me... I just don't understand how she ends up getting her man. (All right, I do, it's all her pretty looks and fainting spells.)

th.- Oh, so it's not a cloisterish-type poverty where you are swearing off all worldly indulgences... I can get behind that.

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