Thursday, March 9, 2006

Panic Day, Employee Appreciation Day, March 9th

Panic Day

On Panic Day Eve, I am a bit stressed. Most everyone will probably just want to stop reading now, this probably isn't going to be one of my more interesting blogs. I think that I am only writing this because I have gotten into the habit of blogging, and now I am pretending that this is a journal or diary or something. I will get back to normal programming soon...

I have my annual employee review tomorrow. I have three things that are stressing me out about this. I'll go with the most superficial first.

I have been having some problems with my medications lately, (I have Multiple Sclerosis) and because of that I have been retaining water like crazy. And because of that I only have three shirts that don't look like I am completely clueless about what size I wear. Everything else is tight, gaping, and obviously too small. But, since this is a result of a medication problem, I refuse to buy a new wardrobe over it. But, for employee review, I want to wear one of the shirts that fit me.

The must-wear shirt is the one that I have to iron because I accidentally dried it in the dryer instead of laying it out. So I got out the spray starch, ('cause if I am going to iron, I am going to iron right.) It's been a while since I used it. When I spay it, it comes out all flaky and yucky, on my clean, black shirt. I used a damp towel and got most of it out, and continued with my ironing project. Now this is a shirt with fun sleeves- sleeves that could use cuff links. Sleeves like this have extra buttons. I hate the extra buttons because they are hidden in the folds of the cuff. And yes, I spent a little too much time with the iron over one of these hidden buttons, and burned the fabric. Arrggh!

I wish I had cuff links. The only piece of jewelry that I have ever asked a boy for was cuff links. I'm not a needy girl... I don't ask for much. I have never even asked for a engagement ring. Just cuff links, and not even a committment to go with them. I just really like cuff links. Both boys that promised me cuff links fail to follow through with their promises. Sigh. Some day I will find a boy that will give me a pair of cuff links. And then I will not iron over the hidden buttons on my shirt before employee reviews. It's all their fault. (Please note the heavy sarcasm.)

Boy, that was a long time on the superficial... I think that I will show some restraint, and skip the telling of parts two and three of why I am panicking (Well, not exactly panicking, stressed is more like it) about my employee review. Things will feel better in the morning, I am sure.

Employee Appreciation Day

I could only find one reference to today being Employee Appreciation Day, and I usually only blog a holiday if I can find three or more references, because then I feel safe about not needing to cite, because it is then common knowledge... correct me if I am wrong, please. But, I thought it might be appropriate to mention Employee Appreciation Day, on my Employee Review Day. Hopefully, I will be appreciated.

Hopefully, everyone will be super appreciated today!

Happy Employee Appreciation Day! and if you feel you must celebrate Panic Day, I am sorry, but you are in good company!


b said...

Hey, ams. I appreciated the Douglas Adams reference.
As for cufflinks, could you makeshift some with 2 earrings, a piece of elbow macaroni, and some adhesive? You're welocome. If you need anything else fixed, let me know quick, I think I'm channeling MacGyver

Absent-minded Secretary said...

I knew that you and LL would. All my earrings dangle, or are hoops, and probably would look funny as makeshift cuff links. i think that I will just stick with the buttons. But, thanks for channeling MacGyver for me!

Master Fob said...

Well, now I'm panicking. Don't want to be considered anti-festive.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

What are you panicking about? Or is it just generalized panic?

b said...

ams: Hooped cufflinks? Bling Bling!

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