Monday, March 6, 2006

Learn What Your Name Means Day, Fun Facts About Names Day, March 6th

Learn What Your Name Means Day

"The dog that wags its tail may have good reason; but the grass that is mown cannot articulate its despondency."

If you already know the traditional meaning of your name, and would like to know the something silly, based on your favorite punctuation, or how many generations your family has maintained literacy, or your favorite part of a sentence, try here. You can ignore most of the stuff, but it will give you a funny motto.

If you want a real answer about what your name means try here. At this site you can do searched based on names, meanings, name days, popularity, namesakes, and a glossary.

I looked up my name day, and my name doesn't have a name day. But, Edgy does. It's French, and November 12th. I'm not sure what we are supposed to do about it, except maybe celebrate it like another birthday, and eat French food. LL, has several name days: Czech: June 1; Estonian: January 18; Finnish: January 18; Hungarian: June 17; Latvian: April 18; Lithuanian: June 17; Lithuanian: October 19; Polish: June 17; Slovak: June 5; Swedish: January 15. Now, I totally feel left out.

Another cool feature on this website is a page for logical names for twins. Like Grace and Hannah because Hannah means "grace" in Hebrew; and Nathaniel and Theodore because both names mean "gift of God", but Nathaniel is Hebrew and Theodore is Greek. Just kind of fun to see what is "logical" to name twins.

Fun Facts About Names Day

If the facts that you want to read about baby names are how popular a name is in a give year go check out the Social Security Administration Database of Baby Names. You can check out the top five names by state by year, or the top 1000 names of the decade. (Personally, I think romance novelists should be introduced to this site so they can think before they name their heroes Jerome, and realize that Jedediah will be so much more appropriate.)

Wikipedia has some basic information about names, but I couldn't find any "fun facts" to share with you. So anyone who would like to share some fun facts... please do. Also, if you didn't find a new name on Get a New Name Day, perhaps today would be a good day to find out your pirate name, or actually, it is Irish American Awareness Month, everyone must get their Irish Name today! I declare it!


b said...

Myt quote was "You can't fix what isn't broken without smashing it up a bit first." Perhaps more apropos fopr dodgers, and his affinity for punching things?
And then my name apparently means "hill," which makes me think i should be a butler. Or maybe a valet.

edgy killer bunny said...

So, according to the SS Admin, there are 2,483 Edgy's who are my age running around. Pretty cool, eh?

And I'm perfectly content to let you honor me ad nauseum in Novemeber as well as in May.

Oh, and I don't think my motto fits:

"A guilty conscience is like a crippling gloom: both cause crippling gloom."

Hmm. Let me try again:

"Neither a woman nor a foreigner be."

Better. Again:

"When the sky clears, look to your ears."

Okay. This site is just weird.

I think I'll just get myself an Irish name. You can now call me Breandán Mac Giolla Eoin.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

b: Your name is the name of an Irish king. Very fitting for this month, and not at all butlerish.

Edgy, or Breandán Mac Giolla Eoin: Which was your favorite punctuating-device? I wonder if that made a difference with the motto. Mine is the semi-colon, and I twice got: "The dog that wags its tail may have good reason; but the grass that is mown cannot articulate its despondency."

LL said...

My motto was "Hahaha! That was funny." I was about to try to argue that I'm not that vacuous, but then I did Dodgers' and his was "Death to the skies!" which is right on, so I guess that's that.
So from now on, if you have something of substance you wish to discuss, you'll have to contact my Irish alter-ego, Keelin McLennan.

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