Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Children's Poetry Day, March 21st

So, I have been notified that I forgot to blog about Children's Poetry Day.

Children's Poetry can be good, or way too long and tedious for children, or (I am sure) bad, but I can't think of any bad examples off the top of my head...

I am sure that the internet will provide.


Briam said...

My favorite children's poem:

My love is like a cabbage,
divided into two,
The leaves I give to others
but the heart I give to you.

It sounds even more rediculous when you translate it into spanish: "Mi amor es como un repollo..."

How would you say that in italian, dodgers?

Dodgers said...

il mio amore e come un cavolo
seperato in due,
i fogli do agli altri
ma il coure ti do

or "il cuore io do a te" if you want to be more unnecessarily poetic.

LL said...

Who doesn't want to be unnecessarily poetic? Freak!

Briam said...

Dodgers: that sounded way romantic. Is that how you got ll? A little "Tu sei il mio cuore" and she's putty in your hands? 'Cause I know I am.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Mon amour ressemble à un petit chou,
divisé en deux,
Les congés je donne à d'autres
mais le coeur je donne tu.

Here it is in French, and it is a very appropriate French poem, because a French term of endearment is "mon/ma petit/petite chou" "my little cabbage." It seemed silly before reading this poem in French, to call your lover a cabbage.

Wow, it is good in Italian too. But Spanish, not as nice. "Repollo" sounds almost repellent.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

And actually, the word order is incorrect in that last line, it should be

je tu donne

but, I switched it around so that it would rhyme, and I am not sure if I am supposed to put a hyphan in in then or not...

Mais le coeur je donne-tu?

Hopeful no French poets will read these commments.

Briam said...

Cabbage is a term of endearment? I wonder if the poem is originally from french?

The complete poem in spanish would be:

Mi amor es como un repollo
Dividido en dos
Las hojas yo doy a otros
Mas el corazón te doy a tí.

And for your linguistic enjoyment, brussel sprouts, in spanish, are called Repollitos, or mini-cabbages. Can anybody put the poem into german?

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Cabbage isn't. Little cabbage is.

I just googled "Mon amour ressemble à un petit chou," and nothing came up, but I could have translated it incorrectly. I never was very good at translation... and never ask me to speak it. I have been told that I have a horribly American accent. But, I have also been told that when I attempt Spanish, I pronounce it with a French accent... so go figure.

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