Saturday, March 25, 2006

Pecan Day, Waffle Day, March 25th Make Up Your Own Holiday Day, March 26th

Pecan Day

Whether you say "pee-CAN" or "puh-CAHN" there's no denying that these little nuts are something special. For example: which nut tree is the only nut tree native to North America? Hmmm... That's right, Pecan Trees! Very special folks! The pecan is a uniquely American nut. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are reported to have eaten the regularly. Also, the name "pecan" come from the Algonquin (a Native American tribe) language which translates to "all nuts requiring a stone to crack." Personally, I hate cracking nuts, and am very happy that I live in a day where nuts can be bought pre-cracked.

Fun Pecan Facts

  • The Pecan tree is from the hickory family
  • There are over 1,000 varieties of pecans
  • Pecans are high in zinc, and zinc is a good thing
  • According to this site pecans are also called Dilberts, but I can't find proof of that anywhere else
  • The pecan is one of the healthiest nuts; 97% of it's oils are unsaturated (the good kind) and pecans don't contain cholesterol.
  • Pecans are high in antioxidants (which is good)
  • There are lots of varieties of pecan pie recipes (Yummy, yum yum!)
Waffle Day

Also, it's Waffle Day. I suggest Pecan Waffles. March 26th (That's right, tomorrow!): Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

You could share what you would do if you could impose a "National" holiday on the world, or you can just ponder for yourself... just know that tomorrow is the day that you can make at least your friends and family celebrate with you.


Briam said...

For "Make up your own holiday" day, I would impose a special day called "invent your own day of celebration".

LL said...

Typical. I would make it "Personal Mental Health Day", but solely for the purpose of validation. That's already what I call it whenever I need to claim a "sick" day when nothing is physically "wrong" with me... as AMS knows. Sometimes we've had personal mental health days together. This because group therapy can be very beneficial... and because she'd bring the toppings if I brought the ice cream.
PS, AMS, the Flavor of Love Reunion Special got pushed to next week. Are you crushed too?

Master Fob said...

What if I say PEE-can?

And I propose today be paper grading day.

Briam said...

I dunno, mf, PEE-can sounds kinda back-woods-mom-and-pop-diner-ish. Or maybe someting a little more sinister. Didn't they talk about PEE-can pie in "Deliverance"?

Absent-minded Secretary said...

About Pecan: Well, to be honest, I think that I pronounce "pecan" MF's way and about six other ways, and I stutter over the word every time. Which is why I was excited to see that pecans are also called dilberts. It made sense to me because in Oregon hazelnuts are called filberts. But, I have a feeling that people won't have a clue what I am talking about if I say I am going to make a Dilbert Pie.

About Flavor of Love: I am learning to deal with disappointment with television programing. I have missed so many episodes of Lost this season, because of their inconsistent programing, that I am... lost. And I am about ready to protest all of Fox programing because they keep on postponing House for American Idol. Stupid American Idol. I need my fill of cranky-sarcasm quips every week or I get cranky and sarcastic.

LL said...

So sad! You know, you can buy LOST episodes online for $1.99 each as of midnight after airing. And there's finally a new HOUSE this week. According to my tivo, it involves a "shocking discovery". I'm guessing our star diagnostician will be asking for an EKG at least once.

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