Friday, March 17, 2006

Things that I learned today...

  1. I can fit 97 stars on a 4X4 square, but only 84 flowers.
  2. I have lost any and all inspiration to create new formats for Annual Reports, after only 5 years of designing them.
  3. Annual Reports should not be due at the same time as Annual Audits.
  4. If I spread lots of paper over the top of my desk people will think that I am stressed out and that I work harder than they do, and will do nice things for me without me asking.
  5. I don't feel stress out one bit.
  6. I should feel extremely stressed out, because I have to send the Report to print on Monday, and as it is now... the colors don't match, and I hate the format.
  7. Getting your lunch served late can be rewarding, but only if you aren't hungry, and you have good company to laugh with.
  8. People who send email updates about grammar rules are inconsistent with their preposition policies.
  9. I really should be working right now.
  10. My boss can be very nice and undemanding when he thinks that he is overworking me.
  11. What looks beige in my bedroom light, is stark-white in my office light.
  12. I can sit and make up lists all day, just to avoid editing and designing.
  13. I believe that I will find inspiration over the weekend, and it will all fall into place... just like the play on Shakespeare in Love.
  14. Updating websites for work, aren't nearly as fun as blogging.
  15. I am going to have to work over the weekend.


Th. said...


But what light will people be reading it in?

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Oh, I guess I wasn't very clear there. The white was a part of my outfit, which I did not want to be white, not part of the document. Thank goodness only five friends that I had lunch with saw my wardrobe faux pax... and my entire office on staff.

LL said...

Let's just hope nobody noticed. For heaven"s sake! It isn't even Easter yet!
Also, it's possible nobody would recognize you- or that they'd get you confused with Bizarro AMS.
Characteristics of Bizarro AMS:
1- Wears white ALL the time.
2- Believes secular holidays are a form of idolatry.
3- Loves her Aunt Miccelina's microwave meals.
4- Refuses to get cable because of that pernicious, brain-washing, right-winged agenda oriented, anti-Christian network, CNN.
5- Believes public housing is a waste of taxpayers' money because it just enables those homeless people who should just get out there and get a job already.
6- Would never blog because the internet is the devil's tool. (This is probably for the best, though, because her blogs would be thoroughly undelightful.)

Absent-minded Secretary said...

That would be a very freaky doppelganger. I hope that I never meet Bizzaro AMS.

Briam said...

So I just googled "Bizzaro AMS" to see where she lives, and ran accross this list of what "AMS" can stand for. My two favorites ara Active Mountain Sickness and Alterd Mental Status.

Oh, and Bizzaro AMS lives in Jersey.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

My favorite was Automatic Music Sensor, because how does something that has a "sensor" tell the difference between music and noise? It sounds like something from SoUE.

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